As I have rediscovered in the past few months any change, even those we want to make, can cause stress, self-doubts, anxiety, and fear.  To help cope with these ever-changing times, I have made a conscious effort to increase the use of coping and calming skills. I thought I would share some of my favorites.

Daily meditations.  I personally enjoy those by Tara Brach.  Check hers out at I also use the apps Calm and HeadSpace.

Gratitude Lists: I list “the good” for each day before going to sleep. It helps me put the day into perspective . . . even when something bad has occurred, I still find good moments for each day.

Exercise: Try for 30 minutes of outdoors exercise per day; I enjoy my walks and riding my bike on the trails. Once the snow comes, I enjoy snowshoeing in the woods without being bothered by those pesky insects.

Spending Time Together: Turn off the screens and enjoy board games or cards with the family. Monopoly Deal is the new game at our house along with our favorites Scrabble and Yahtzee. I know several people who have started reading to each other nightly. Pick out a good book and get started.

Family meals: not only eating together but also planning and cooking together. Yes, it can be messy, but it can also be full of laughs.

Call or Facetime with friends: I am horrible at times with staying in touch, so I have tried to reach out more to my friends and family. Talking, sharing past stories, and remembering the good times helps.

Music: find music that soothes you or puts you in that dancing mood and yes dance!

Find something to look forward to or plan for in the future months. I am focusing on meeting my new granddaughter, painting my bedroom, and planning new flower beds for the spring.

Until next time, stay healthy!